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BAM Karaoke Box is the leader in France of creation and exploitation of private karaoke rooms.
Inspired by Asian concept, BAM Karaoke Box dusts off the image of karaoke and create a liberating and exciting experience adapted to
the western market.

If you want to open a karaoke box in your city, you are at the right place!
We offer to provide all key elements and assist you from the opening to prosperity of your own karaoke box.

It is your best chance to make the most of the expertise
of BAM Karaoke Box!

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BAM Karaoke Box Licence for software

Get the best reading and booking software dedicated to karaoke box. These are unique tools that ensure the development of your activity and get you started quickly and easily.

Franchise with white label

We offer a unique opportunity to manage and develop your own karaoke box under your name. You can rely on the experience, the service and the best practices of BAM Karaoke Box, while taking your own decisions.

BAM Karaoke Box Franchise

Create a BAM Karaoke Box in your city (see implementation area provided below) and take advantage of a name which proved its worth and a privileged relationship with the founding team. This is an incredible opportunity to thrive your own business thanks to the power of attraction of our brand.

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